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Teaching Philosophy

Clif Vanetti developed his teaching philosophy while instructing alongside some of the greatest teachers in the industry including: Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Mike LaBauve, Steve Dahlby and Tim Mahoney.

The Key to Success is Preparation

Most swing errors are the result of an incorrect pre-swing set up:  Grip, posture, ball position, alignment, tension level and mind-set.  These pre-swing keys have a direct relationship with the in-swing motion.  The grip controls the clubface and release through impact.  Ball position controls the swing path.  Posture controls the body pivot.  Aim controls the sequence during the swing.  Mind-set controls the ability to adjust.  And the tension level of the body controls the ability to swing the club freely, without interference.  All of these keys can be improved.  This enables us to make adjustments before the golf swing ever begins.

A Systematic Approach

Clif does not believe in a specific method to teaching the golf swing.  Each student is an individual, and has different abilities to learn and progress.  The main emphasis is on understanding the student and assisting them in learning their ideal golf swing.  To facilitate this process, Clif believes in perfecting the fundamentals while establishing a solid set-up position and then working to perfect a swing-shape that compliments the student’s body type, strength and flexibility level.   The time commitment for practicing the preferred swing is an issue that must be addressed as well.

The keys to improvement are:

  • Our overall fitness level
  • Our mind set / Attitude
  • Equipment that fits us
  • Have fun!!!!  Enjoy the journey!!!!